These and other projects have shaped my worldview tremendously and I cannot thank enough for them.

Example Projects

TEDx Bratislava & TEDx LSE

At TEDx Bratislava and TEDx LSE, I was responsible for speakers selection, coaching and PR. TED & TEDx is my favorite source of inspiration and I won't forget the goosebumps organizing these events brought along.

The Forgotten International

TFI's mission is to help communities in need globally through volunteer work and raising funds and awareness about poverty alleviation. I worked on two projects: the visit of the Dalai Lama in the East Palo Alto school district and on a book and documentary film project called Living on a Dollar a Day. 

European Student Startups

As a member of the Entrepreneurship Society at the LSE, I co-organized Europe’s first student-run startup competition. I was in charge of investor relations and partnerships.