Well-being in the workplace

There is a constant dychotomy of social / psychological and physical space in my work. While researching human-environment interaction I explore the many shapes and forms of well-being and it’s components. Besides environmental stress mentioned a zillion times on this planet daily, I recognize a deeper, multi-generational disconnect of our digital and global era, which is just another form of stress taking a toll on mental health. And much like any other catharsis, I see this as an opportunity for change. I search for a deeper insight through my own experience and personal interpretation of growth towards a balanced life. This has remained a beyond useful lesson, one I enjoy taking over and over again and never plan to finish. I will share my learnings along the way and hopefully help people, teams and organisations cope with change and discover new meaningful paths. 

Some general areas related to this work are: mental health in the workplace / leader’s resilience, collaboration and individual work, niche professional communities, purpose and authenticity in cultures and leadership styles, mindfulness and deep work.