Since 2006 I’m on a mission to change the workplace and even sidetracks lead to a multitude of sometimes blurry, but always rewarding trajectories. One such endeavour is Trust Women, a non-profit I co-founded in 2017. 

Trust Women is building a society that is based on equality and free from stereotypes. Through cooperation, authenticity, and balance, we change discrimination into equality of rights, uniformity into diversity, competition into cooperation and shyness into confidence. Events and activities organized by Trust Women create space for open dialogue to deepen trust in society.  

I believe the world would be a better place if we embraced both feminine and masculine values in ourselves and the products of our work. Obviously, inclusion and diversity stand for way more than just gender equality and empowerment. Cultivating diversity in it's full complexity around me and within me is a building block of my becoming. 

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