I have been a zealous student of psychology and behavioural change for 14 years now. Drawn to the improvement of workplace since my first full time job, I initially applied my knowledge in organisation development, culture and change management. Over the past few years, I have been responding to an increased demand to revitalise well-being and human connection.

My research of collaboration and human-environment interaction had started while I was working in San Francisco. I learned to cultivate a skill of connecting what is seemingly unrelated and fell deeply in love with innovation. Collisions of worlds shaped my studies of organisational and social psychology in Milan and London. I gained valuable insights into participant observation, inquiry, group facilitation and the innovation of organisational learning. Multidisciplinarity and diversity have also been vital to my work as an independent workplace consultant, bridging several areas of expertise and creating future scenarios for small to large companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Recently, I have started and joined projects focused on well-being in the workplace, diversity, deep work, education and the development of conscious entrepreneurship and life.

2005 – 2010

BA/MA in Marketing & Communication, Bratislava/Trnava
Client Relationships Management, IBM
Conference Coordinator, Jacob Fleming
Slovak Students Union, Founder

2006 – 2010

BA Applied Psychology, Milan / Bratislava

2009 – 2011

Community Manager, TFI; Tripping, San Francisco
TEDx Bratislava

2011 – 2012

MSc Organisational and Social Psychology, London School of Economics 
Research: Collaboration & Collaborative Environments
European Student Startups

2012 – 2014

Transformation Advisory, PwC Prague/Bratislava
StartupAwards.SK, Neulogy, Bratislava

2014 – now

Organisation Development, independent consulting

2015 – now

Workplace Consulting - optimal environments for work
Creative Industries & collaborative environments, Tel Aviv
Origameo by HB Reavis - author of methodology and product design
Coworking Spaces - consulting in Prague/Warsaw/Bratislava/Budapest

2017 – now

       Wellbeing & Mindfulness in the Workplace

Startup teams & founder psychology - individual coaching & mentoring

2017 – now

Trust Women - diversity & inclusion advocacy